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We Connect the Best Energy Companies with the Best Energy Candidates

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Our Story

     Management Recruiters of Northern Monmouth County was started in December, 1997 by Bob Goehring - the expertise/focus was Executive search in the Energy Industry with a niche of Independent Power Producers, Architect Engineering Firms & Power Plant Developement and Construction. Management Recruiters of Northern Monmouth County also worked with many Equipment Manufacturers and Energy Service Companies.

     In May of 1998, Todd Goehring joined the firm and focused exclusively on sales, marketing and trading of both Natural Gas and Electricity. Deregulation was expanding in many markets allowing growth in both the regulated and unregulated sectors. As a team, Bob and Todd continued to forge long term partnerships that allowed many Energy Companies to grow during this critical time in the industry.

     As the company evolved as an industry leader in Energy, we decided to separate from the Management Recruiters network and in 2006 Energy Search Partners was born.

     Our two senior recruiters, Michael Russomanno and Ryan Yelton joined ESP in August 2007 and December 2008 respectively. As a team, we have focused our efforts on identifying the elite candidates in the industry.

ESP carefully selects companies who are growing and have established themselves as world class and source the industry for the very best capability. We believe that the choicest talent is not always looking; however, presented a compelling opportunity, will consider a change. Caryn Goehring joined the ESP team in 2010 as Controller. She has also managed the contracts group and human resources. Robert Goehring interned with ESP during the summer of 2021 and proceeded to be hired full time in November 2021. He is our Project Coordinator and assists with all searches in Executive Recruitment. 

     In 2010, Todd Goehring took over as Owner and President. Todd Continues to evaluate the Energy Landscape and keep his firm one step ahead of the competition.

     ESP has a simple mission, to work hard for our clients & to get them candidates no other recruiting firm knows how to find. We do this all while maintaining 100 % confidentiality, honesty and integrity.

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About Us 


     Energy Search Partners is a distinguished provider of executive recruitment services exclusively catering to the energy industries. With a team boasting extensive hands-on experience across a wide range of business types, from Fortune 100 corporations to startups, we possess firsthand knowledge of the significance, impact, and cost of every hiring decision. At Energy Search Partners, our mission is to simplify, expedite, and enhance the recruitment process for our valued clients.


"If you want to hire the people who have always been the bread and butter of the labor force, you're going to have to hire them away from someone else." - David Ellwood, Professor of Political Economy, Harvard University


Our Goal:

     We are dedicated to assisting our clients in attracting and hiring the top ten percent of candidates in terms of performance, all while upholding the highest standards of integrity, confidentiality, and professionalism.

     Energy Search Partners specializes in the permanent and interim placement of exceptional talent in various key roles within the Energy Industry and related supporting businesses, including:

- Electric and Natural Gas Utilities
- Electric and Natural Gas Suppliers
- Electric and Natural Gas Consultants and Brokers
- Electric and Natural Gas Trading/Operations
- Demand Response/Energy Services
- Private Equity/Independent Power Producers
- Home Heating Oil
- Start-Up Energy Service Companies
- Residential and Mass Marketers, Electricity and Natural Gas
- Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Companies


What Sets Us Apart:

     Energy Search Partners distinguishes itself from all other recruitment firms through our unwavering commitment to our core principles, integrity, and meticulous attention to detail throughout the entire recruitment process. We have earned the respect and trust of top candidates and leading companies in the industry through our consistent ability to access premier searches and elite professionals nationwide.

Our deep understanding of the industry empowers us to comprehensively grasp the unique technical aspects of the positions you seek to fill. This expertise positions us on a technical peer level with both candidates and clients, enabling us to fully understand and represent their respective interests in the marketplace.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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