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Caryn Goehring

Controller, Contracts and Human Resources


     Caryn Goehring joined Energy Search Partners in 2010, assuming the crucial responsibility of overseeing the Finance, Accounting, Contracts, and Human Resources department. As the department head, Caryn meticulously maintains all accounting systems, ensuring accurate financial management across the organization. She excels in drafting comprehensive contract terms for clients and efficiently manages the Human Resources operations at ESP.

     Before joining ESP, Caryn accumulated a wealth of experience in education, having served as a Head Teacher in various Pre-Schools. Her prior roles honed her organizational and leadership skills, which she now applies effectively in her current position at ESP.

In addition to her work at ESP, Caryn also dedicates part of her time to working at Wesley Nursery School, a cherished institution where all four of her children received their education. This commitment showcases her ongoing passion for the field of education and her dedication to supporting the growth and development of young minds.

     Outside of her professional endeavors, Caryn finds solace and enjoyment in her spare time by frequently visiting the beautiful beaches of New Jersey. These serene coastal environments provide her with a much-needed respite and a chance to recharge amidst the natural beauty that surrounds her.

     Caryn's multifaceted expertise, strong work ethic, and passion for both education and her role at ESP contribute significantly to the success and seamless operations of the company. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to balance various responsibilities make her a valued member of the ESP team.

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